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I specialize in UX & Web Design who also does WordPress Site Builds. I will build your dream site.

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Client Work


Hello, my name is Nathan Henniges. I have always been fascinated with computers and design as the age of 13 years old. Back in the day, I was part of a community for a few years but then moved on from them and decided to make my own.  This is where my life changed.  Faced with looking around to learn how to design and layout a forums community,  I then found WordPress and a theme to go with it that I enjoyed and liked. Build my first landing page on it just so I could build my community.  Thought this long journey I learned,  failed many times, and gained a lot of knowledge.  One of the biggest things I learned is never given up and that you will fail but it’s not that you did but what you learn from that failure.

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